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From blogging, to appointments, or even customer service, we are the virtual team your small business needs.

Get your work done, grow your business, and have a team that cares. All with no salaries, additional liability, taxes, or payroll.

All the help you need, in one place.

Better Than a Traditional Employee

Average Cost of a Traditional Employee (Including taxes, benefits, and lost liability)
Amount Spent on Average to Train a Single Employee
Average Cost to Hire My Virtual Little Helper
Training and Educational Costs with My Virtual Little Helper

What Can My Virtual Little Helper Do?


Administrative and
Executive Assistance 

From personal to business, our team can be there. No task is too big (or too small) for us to lend a hand. Need a doctors-appointment booked one moment, and then your inventory taken the next? With My Virtual Little Helper you can get your business, and personal tasks taken care of in one place.


Marketing and
Content Management 

From Ontraport or Infusionsoft to Publisher and even live events. If you want to grow and market your business our team of associates can help you create content, set up funnels, and even arrange the details of your weekly Meetup Group (yes our online team can even swing that).


Customer and
Project Management

Major events, product launches, or even customer service, if you need help juggling all those balls we can be there.  We can create, manage, and implement projects or even your customers experience with your business to give you and your business the best impression possible.


Web and
Graphic Design 

Consistent branding and easy web interfaces are our middle name (okay not really, we are a business so we don’t have a middle name). But if you are looking to create a consistent and beautiful branding experience between your website, newsletter, twitter, or anything else, look no further!

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Book a Consultation

Here at My Virtual Little Helper we believe in being a collaborative team that works with your business. That’s why we kick off every relationship with an in depth call, and consultation. We don’t believe in cookiecutter solutions or doing tasks for the sake of doing them. Every business is different, and every business owner has their own personal style. Quickly and easily book an appointment online with one of our project managers.

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Step 2: Analysis and Plan of Action

Outsourcing or building a team isn’t something you should do alone, which is why during your consultation (and throughout the working relationship we have with all of our clients) we take an indepth look at what your business is currently doing that is (and isn’t) working, where it’s going, and how we can best contribute to that bottom line. After all, what good is building a team for your business if they aren’t helping you make more money?

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Step 3: Work Gets Done!

Once we work with you to figure out where our services could help your business most it’s time to get work some work done! Using either our project management portal or another method of your choice we create the action plan and start to get things finished. Along the way your (at no additional cost) project manager will help you keep an eye on what’s getting done, and how effectively. Allowing for improvements to be made along the way. Getting you the best results possible.

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What Others Are Saying

I fought getting support for 2 years. I’ve hired VA’s and not let them do anything for me. And while it’s helped me to stay “in control” it’s kept my business from growing as much as I would like.

Enter my Virtual Little Helper’s. Since working with them I’ve let them take over my client management, scheduling, travel booking, and a whole lot more. Life’s gotten easier as I transition more and more to what I do best, which is write copy that sells for my clients. They’re hard working, responsible and really get the attitude I want in my customer service.

Just today a client told me how much they liked my new “team” and how well they did at representing my business. They even told me they want to recommend MVLH to colleagues. I said it was fine, so long as my “helpers” don’t get taken away from me!

Thanks again.

Matthew Goldfarb,
Our VA and project manager are both extremely helpful, take direction well, respond quickly, and are true professionals. We have been working with them a few weeks now and already have benefited tremendously from their services. We recommend My Virtual Little Helper without question!
Mark Stadwiser,
Virtual Little Helper is a great partner that is helping us grow and become more efficient. The tasks get done. No excuses.

We are able to move forward. Thank you!

Elvira Beracochea,

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